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Electromagnetic Method for the exploration of Complex Process in Geo-Systems

le 22 janvier 2019
à 10h00

Thierry Bore et Alexander Scheuermann, School of Civil Engineering The University of Queensland - Australia, Norman Wagner Institute of Material Research and Testing, Bauhaus University - Germany animeront une conférence à l'ENS Paris-Saclay.

Typical dielectric spectrum of a soil

Typical dielectric spectrum of a soil

It is the wishful thinking of every soil engineer and soil scientist to be able to measure state variables. The presented contribution discusses and highlights possibilities opened up with high frequency electromagnetic (HF-EM) methods. The main idea is to combine innovative complex permittivity model with sophisticated sensors. Two examples will illustrate the methodology. The first concerns a geophysics application: the study of transient water movement. The second example concerns an important geotechnics problem: soil densification.

Type :
Séminaires - conférences
Contact :
Sophie Capdevielle
Lieu(x) :
Campus de Cachan
Amphi E-média - bâtiment L. de Vinci - escalier 8

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Recherche d'une actualité