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Adaptive Phase-Fiels Modeling for Fractured Media

le 9 mars 2021
à 10h15

Thomas Wick,Professor for Scientific Computing Leibniz University Hannover, Allemagne, animera une conférence à l'ENS Paris-Saclay.

Fracture propagation in a heterogenous medium

Fracture propagation in a heterogenous medium

Phase-field modeling of fracture and damage has become an extremely active research field since 1998 when G. Francfort and J.-J. Marigo proposed a variational fracture approach. In the last decade, applications in solid mechanics, porous media and multiphysics have been addressed. In this presentation,  ingredients will be explained in which I have been involved. These include treatment of crack irreversibility (the crack cannot heal), adaptive discretizations with finite elements, goal-oriented error control, predictor-corrector techniques to estimate the future crack path, and the robust-efficient numerical solution with nonlinear solvers (Newton-type) and linear solvers including multigrid preconditioning. Numerical tests with applications in civil engineering and porous media substantiate my developments.
Type :
Séminaires - conférences
Contact :
Amélie Fau
Lieu(x) :
ENS Paris-Saclay à Gif-sur-Yvette
Amphi Dorothy Hodgkin (0I10) - Bâtiment Ouest

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Recherche d'une actualité